Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Math Unit

Good Afternoon!

My name is Mr. Hartwell and I am your child’s math teacher for the 2015-2016 school year.  Our first unit is an introduction to algebra and number theory.  Students will evaluate expressions, find greatest common factors and least common multiples, define important math terms, and write and solve algebraic equations.  Your child has a practice packet filled with multiple examples of these skills that we work through together in class.  Your child also has a Khan Academy account through which they can practice these skills and many more.  They may also find both remedial videos and advanced material on Khan Academy.  Your child has already logged on here at school and should be practicing for at least fifteen minutes at home each night if possible.  The first test is tentatively scheduled for 9/16/15.

Our Open House is scheduled tomorrow (8/26) from 6PM-8PM.  All of your child’s teachers will be available in their classrooms.  My Open House presentation is also posted on my website listed below.

Feel free to contact me with questions any time through the year.  I typically check my emails at 6:45AM and 2:45PM each school day and will endeavor to respond to any question within 24 hours of reading.


Mr. Hartwell

My website has a calendar and links to the class syllabus:  www.mrhartwell.blogspot.com

Critical math vocabulary list and website for practice:  https://quizlet.com/_15mce5